Sunday, November 05, 2006

Adventure Eddy by Roland Hulme

Paris is under siege. A vicious gang are systematically striking the City of Light's luxury hotels, making off with millions in cash and jewelry. The police don't have a clue. But when a student from England stumbles into the investigation, he think he's discovered the identities of the ruthless crooks.

Adventure Eddy is the debut novel in the Adventure Eddy series.

Eddy Newbolt, a student at the American University of Paris, spends a year in the most romantic city in the world. With his wacky friends - laid back Chuck, amorous Valerie, ambitious cop Pascal and beautiful Kat - he struggles to beat the crooks and solve the hotel robberies.

See how Newbolt earned the name Adventure Eddy.

Adventure Eddy is a Crime / Mystery novel aimed at the Young Adult / Adult audience.

80,000 words long, written in 2006.